Factory Cheap Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Padlocks - Laminated Padlock40 MM-1 – Skyfine

Specification lock body width lock body height Weight beam diameter beam height lock body thickness
30mm Short beam 33mm 27mm 94.0g 5mm 16mm 20.4mm
30mm Long beam 33mm 27mm 100.5g 5mm 39mm 20.4mm
40mm Short beam 43mm 33.7mm 181.0g 6mm 24.5mm 25mm
40mm Long beam 43mm 33.7mm 195.5g 6mm 46mm 25mm
45mm Short beam 48mm 33.7mm 220g 7mm 24.5mm 26.5mm
45mm Long beam 48mm 33.7mm 240g 7mm 55mm 26.5mm
50mm Short beam 53mm 38mm 298.5g 8.7mm 29mm 29.1mm
50mm Long beam 53mm 38mm 333.0g 8.7mm 60mm 29.1mm
65mm Short beam 68mm 46mm 556g 11mm 36.5mm 33.9mm
65mm Long beam 68mm 46mm 642g 11mm 84mm 33.9mm

Reinforced laminated steel can withstand harsh physical conditions of use

Rigid steel lock beams provide excellent protection against theft

The surface of the lock body is individually coated, and the rust-proof performance is outstanding

5-piece lock can further reduce key repetition, compared to the conventional 4-lock center,the anti-open performance is better

Provides a color cushion for easy identification and protection

The use of a center lock. Customized key management services are also available

Each padlock is supplied with two keys


1)Laminated iron padlock,

2)brass cylinder

3)2 normal key

4)box packing,blister packing avaiable

5)long shackle available


 Product information as follow


High Security and Strongly guard against theft.

Decent appearance

Outstanding quality

High level manufacture

 Laminated iron padlock

Key: 2 normal keys

packing: paper box packing or single blister packing

Size: 30mm.40mm.50mm.65mm

Cylinder: full brass



Laminated iron padlock unit weiht size(mm) ctn meas(cm) N.W/G.W(kg)

30MM 90g 30*24*17.5 72pcs 30*34*13.5 6/7

40MM 180g 40*31*22.5 48pcs 22*34*16.5 8/9

45MM 220g 45*33*23.5 48pcs 21*36*13.5 10/11

50MM 330g 50*37*26 48pcs 24*40*25.5 15/16

65MM 600g 65*49*30 36pcs 39*23*28.5 22/23

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